Felipe Talo


19 May - 22 July 2016




19 May - 22 July 2016

Opening: Thursday 19 May from 7 pm
The artist will be present


RIBOT gallery
Via Enrico Nöe 23 – Milan

from Tuesday to Friday / from 3 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
also on appointment



RIBOT is pleased to present the first solo show in Italy by Felipe Talo (Barcelona, 1979), a group of recent works specifically produced for the show.

The works by Felipe Talo tell of a world of inspiration and creation that alludes, in its composition and choice of colour, to the great Spanish painting tradition. His links with history and his own origins are interiorised and re-elaborated through the use of abstract and calligraphic elements that offer new possibilities for analysis and an almost metaphysical dimension.


When painting, Talo often gives free rein to his subconscious and, as under hipnosis , he expresses his spiritual burden through an intense gesture that is at times expressed through creamy brushstrokes and, at others, in free, slender lines. In this way his painting becomes a means for knowing reality, a dimension consisting of opposites that live together in an almost philosophical dialectical system: consciousness and unconsciousness, the past and present, history and memory.


The theme of doubles is to be found in most of the works on show, which are painted on both sides: on the one side is the white or raw canvas, on the other transparent plastic through which the stretcher can be viewed. The artist highlights the multiplicity of viewpoints and, at the same time, creates an overall vision due to superimpositions in a single perspective of forms and colours. The transparent film he uses seems a kind of metaphor for the human soul and the possibilities for understanding that we all have of ourselves with respect to our perception of the reality that surrounds us.


This dualism is also to be found in the special project created for this show and titled "Caprichos". A series of reversible works that present, on one side, drawings in pencil on paper inspired by late eighteenth century Iberian tradition and, on the other, unrestrained writing using symbolic diagrams and marks that fluctuate over the black surfaces of the rubber.

Felipe Talo lives and works in Barcelona and Berlin. He studied both painting and philosophy at the Universitat de Barcelona, and engraving at the fine arts academy in Ravenna. He has held solo and group shows in such prestigious institutions as Fundació Arranz-Bravo, Barcelona (2015); WUK, Vienna (2014); Enblanco Projektraum, Berlin (2013); and OTR espacio de arte, Madrid (2009), and many others. His works are to be seen in various public collections, amongst which Colección Pública EXPLUM, Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia; Fundación Caja Madrid, Madrid; Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona.




AP Vera Kox, Fit Frame to Content, 2016, cm. 28 x 40 x 6.jpg

 Felipe Talo, Capricho I, 2016, graphite on paper and mixed media on rubber,
cm. 42 x 30