14 December 2016 - 4 February 2017




14 December 2016 - 4 February 2017

Opening: Wednesday 14 December, from 7 pm
The artist will be present


RIBOT gallery
Via Enrico Nöe 23 – Milan


from Tuesday to Friday / from 3 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
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RIBOT is pleased to present a solo show by Lorenza Boisi (Milan, 1972): a selection of recent works, oils on canvas and ceramic sculptures, made by the artist specifically for the exhibition.


The title, “Maybe there is a beast… Maybe it’s only us” alludes to a crucial moment in the famous novel by William Golding The Lord of the Flies. In Simon’s remark, the prophesy of Shim’on (he who listens), the shy, inspired, soothsaying boy tries to give both a logical explanation and an interpretation of the possible existence of the “beast” that menaces the survival of the group.


A beast that might exist or not… that could be within the boys themselves: the projection of their dark side, a physical or imaginary embodiment of their fears, their ancestral need to reify the Unknown, and their Loneliness. Times being what they are, Lorenza Boisi hints at a world that is the very home and body of Apprehension. A personal, extensive, social and historical apprehension that is metaphorically close to Golding’s novel. 


The paintings on show tell of the almost sociological possibilities of one or more existential figures, the artist’s alter egos, and narrate, through the use of synecdoche, her universe and its incurable partiality, its subjectivity and, by extension, much more.


The ceramics, sculptures, and installations contain an aesthetic reference to her questioning of the media, of known techniques that the artist keeps her distance from, and the works generate a small segment of life, an indistinct place, by attributing a historical meaning to that vague territory that is tale-spinning memory.


A place of abandonment and desertions, of transits as adolescence. A place of mystification and of undecipherable moral qualities in face of the arrival of irrationality. A generic and/or highly personal place/time where there remains the mystery of the precise nature of narrative aims and dynamics.

Precisely here where the Beast is to be found or not to be found or We, above all, are the Beast.

Karim Noureldin


7th March - 28th April 2018


7th March - 28th April 2018 

Opening: Wednesday 7th March, 7 pm
The artist will be present


RIBOT gallery
Via Enrico Nöe 23 – Milan


from Tuesday to Friday / from 3 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Also by appointment

RIBOT is pleased to present Tekati, Karim Noureldin’s (Zurich, 1967, he lives and works in Lausanne) first solo show in Italy. On the occasion of this exhibition, the artist implements his multidisciplinary approach, distinguished by a fine balance between site specific wallpaintings, works on paper and textile works.


A wallpainting of the gallery’s first floor welcomes the visitors. Diagonal segments and groups of colorful lines branch out from the lower corners to the upper ones, creating a visual movement which underlines and highlights the existing gallery space’ architecture. This site specific installation is completed by works on paper from the series entitled “Equinox”, distinguished by drawn lines and colors combined with bespoke, individually colored frames, underlying the object-like aspects of these brand new work.


The peculiarity of this artist’s transversal language can also be found in “Des”, a precious tapestry located on the lower floor and hand made in collaboration with master weavers from Panipat (India). While the piece recalls the age-long tradition of stone inlays, mosaics and other floor based pictures, it also connects with the artist’s interest for spacial structures. On the walls, drawings from the series entitled “Play” create a kind of figurative “acoustic sound”, breaking visually up the silence and the stillness of the installation.


Noureldin’s research starts from interests in investigating geometric characters of the space, when related to the presence of images and objects. Taking references to Mondrian’s De Stijl, Bauhaus’ architectural studies and Minimalism and using an union between art and art and crafts - peculiar to his work - Karim Noureldin’s artistic works might remind of a rationalism fusioned with a more playful aspect, expressed through abstract forms, colors and objects.


Commissioned by RIBOT on each show as a special project, for Tekati Karim Noureldin has produced a limited serie of large sized lithographs.

Karim Noureldin (Zurich, 1967, lives and works in Lausanne). He studied at the University of Art and Design, Basel, and at the University of the Arts, Zurich. Since 2002, he helds an assoicate professorship at ECAL/ University of Art and Design, Lausanne.
His works has been exhibited in international institutions, such as Kunstmuseum Basel, 2017; Westfälisches Landesmuseum LWL Münster, 2017; Musée de Cambrai, 2016; Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Centre d'Art Contemporain Yverdon CACY, 2015; Kunst(Zeug)haus Rapperswil, 2014; Kunstmuseum, Bonn, 2007; MAMCO Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Geneva, 2005; Kunstmuseum Winterthur, 2004; Kunsthalle Basel, 2002; Kunsthaus Zurich, 1998; Swiss Institute SI New York, 1997. Noureldin has also been awarded with several prizes, among which Manor Art Price, 2004; Swiss Art Award, 1997; and the Kiefer Hablitzel Award, 1997.



Karim Noureldin, Play, 2018, litography, 106x75cm, ED 10/2AP





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